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Do I stay or do I go?

Is this group/place useful to me?
Am I useful to it?
Do I have anything they/it needs that couldn’t be found easier in someone else?
Do I have what they/it needs at all?
Are they/it better off without me? Is my role becoming “obstacle”? Do I just take up space?

Are these people I trust? Not entirely? What about a firm majority?
What does my gut say? Can I tolerate that tome?
Is their language one that I understand? Is it one that I know how to speak?

Is this a group/place I’d invite my loved ones?
Are these my loved ones?
Are these ones I’d ever love?

Where are my debts? Do I pay them here?
Where are my obligations? Do I fulfill them here?
What am I going to do here? Can I do it elsewhere, maybe some place better?
Is what happens here that which must happen?
Is what is done here a thing I can do?
What obligations do I neglect by showing up? Is that tolerable?
Is my spirit feeling emptier here, or moved?

Elsewhere always has so much and I always have so much to give it.
Elsewhere sings the sweetest songs and lets me rest my head
Elsewhere always seems to be the place that I belong
Elsewhere is so diffuse that it’s empty. Elsewhere leaves me looking.

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