I welcome comments, but I have a few caveats. This is a website I maintain at my leisure. It’s great for ice-cold takes, as I take my time to reply and think things over. I also have the orientation of a newspaper: these are articles, and comments are akin to letters to the editor. The editor generally doesn’t reply. Also, I don’t permit comments on posts that are more than 2 weeks old. Feel free to email me your ideas, if you’d like to respond.

I no longer publish anonymous comments. I’ll read them, but they will stay behind a moderation filter. If you would like your ideas to be published here, you will need to use either your real name or an active twitter handle. This is because I write primarily about local issues: if I am going to reply to someone, I want to recognize them at the next fundraising event we both are at together, or political protest, etc. I do not tend to write about topics that are so sensitive that one’s job would be at risk; I don’t tend to write about anything which requires anonymity because of my conscious choice not to be anonymous. If I am writing about topics that are controversial, it probably took a bit of boldness to attach my name to it, and I prefer to give space to people who are similarly bold. I also will not publish defamatory comments, spam, or anything insulting.

Ultimately personal websites are the Internet version of one’s private home: a place where democracy does not apply, and what constitutes fairness is up to the host. You are welcome to read, you’re welcome to comment, but these are my rules for engagement and taking up space here is a privilege.

What do you think? (Remember: I don't publish anonymous comments)